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Meet The 2019 EuroSTAR Volunteers

  • 23/10/2019
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Each year, the EuroSTAR Volunteer Programme invites members of the testing community to join the conference team. This year, we go to Prague!

EuroSTAR Volunteers are a huge part of the conference, they do an incredible amount of work for the testing community. Thank you to all of our previous volunteers and thank you to everyone who applied for the 2019 programme. If you would like to enter the 2020 volunteer programme, you can sign-up here for EuroSTAR 2020 news, competitions, call for speakers, call for volunteers and new content.

The Volunteers will be found in the different areas of the Huddle, in the Expo. The Huddle consists of the Huddle, the Test Lab & the Test Clinic.

We have been overwhelmed with the number of applications. It’s so great to see people getting involved and contributing their time to the testing community. The decision making process was difficult, but I am delighted to present to you the 2019 EuroSTAR Volunteers!

Huddle Director

Chris Armstrong


Firstly, we present to you our Huddle Director, Chris Armstrong! Chris will be leading all the EuroSTAR volunteers, and will be based in the Huddle. Chris has organised and planned all the awesome events in the community areas along side the volunteers. Learn more about Chris and the Huddle Team.Check out this blog post written by Chris from all his year’s experience as volunteering in the Huddle.View blog post.

Huddle Heroes

The Huddle will host games, competitions for prizes, soapbox sessions, speaker couch sessions. Come here to take a break in-between sessions, to network with the community, learn from speakers, decorate your delegate badge with stickers and connect with people with common interests. Learn more about what’s happening in the Huddle.

Colin Nee

Gosia Piekaska

Andreea Aniculaesei


Test Lab Champions

The Test Lab is the place to try out testing puzzles, engineer robots, face challenges and more. The first ever Test Lab was at EuroSTAR, 11 years ago. Find out more about the Test Lab here.

Dawn Haynes

Lenka Moutelíková

Julie Gardner

Test Clinic Doctors

If you have a testing problem that you currently cant solve, the Test Clinic is the place for you to get it resolved. Our Test Clininc doctors will be on hand to help fix any issue you have and if they cant solve the problem, we have a number of consultant experts to that can help you. Solve testing problems in the Test Clinic. Find out more.

Russell Craxford

Dorota Koczar

EuroSTAR Cadets

The EuroSTAR Cadets are here to help you! They are dedicated and passionate about testing. Ask a question, strike a conversation, make sure to say hello!

Anthony Seumal

Dorota Wirkus

Nuno Rodrigues

Olimpia Daire

Rhoda Daquilanea

Tom Pryce

 Inken Henne


If you are attending EuroSTAR make sure to say hello and meet all the EuroSTAR volunteers and perhaps it might inspire you to apply for the EuroSTAR 2020 Volunteer’s Programme!


Learn about the Huddle, Test Clinic & Test Lab at EuroSTAR…

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