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EuroSTAR Volunteers

  • 25/07/2019
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Volunteer at Eurostar software testing conference

Let’s celebrate testing together! We would like to invite you to be part of this years Conference team at the 27th EuroSTAR Conference in Prague, taking place Nov. 11-14!

This is a super fun and exciting way to get involved directly with the testing community. 

Here are the areas that you can be part of at this years’ conference!

Test Lab

EuroSTAR Cadet

Test Clinic

Community Huddle

We want to hear from you! What area do you want to be part of? Tell us by entering here. entries close Aug 31st!

Benefits of volunteering at #EuroSTARConf 

  1. Networking with the testing community
  2. Choose from 60+ sessions to attend 
  3. Share your thoughts and ideas for the conference 
  4. Learn from industry experts

and so much more – view the reasons to attend EuroSTAR



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