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8 Things You Need To Know About EuroSTAR Testing Conference Sessions


Keynotes? Track Talks? Lightning Strikes? Get to Know All the Different Conference Sessions!

EuroSTAR Conference 2019 Speakers grid

Every year the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference invites thought leaders, industry innovators and global trailblazers to share their knowledge, showcase their expertise and spark new ideas. What does this mean for you? 4 days of invaluable learning, new connections and fresh inspiration – all in one place.

We’ve got incredible keynote speakers, and many of the world’s leading experts presenting tutorials, track talks and so much more. But what’s involved in these sessions? Here’s your chance to find out, and make sure you know your Track Talks from your Lightning Strikes. Read on and get ready to accelerate your career!


Our keynote speakers this year give their expertise and insights on hot testing topics: Chris McKillop looks at popular myths about what AI is, and what the future of AI means for a wider society. Fiona Charles tackles difficult questions on the ethics of technology, and unveils the truth behind the cost to our privacy.  Dona Sarkar explains how to run your own insider program within your organisation; and Alexandre Bauduin shares his experience leading the complex testing challenges of a real-time Boeing 777 Flight Simulator!


Every year we carefully select the EuroSTAR Conference Tutorials for our delegates. They are designed to allow you to choose an area you want to explore in greater detail, or just dive into. There are 12 amazing tutorials to choose from and they are divided between Monday (6 tutorials) and Tuesday (6 tutorials). Topics include Python, Risk in Testing, Games & Testing, Performance Testing, Test Designs and much more. Tutorials are in-depth training sessions with expert speakers. This is where you learn practical new skills that you can apply to your job right away!

Track Talks

Track talks are 45 minutes long, and feature a range of themes and topics such as tools and automation, techniques, engineering and more. This year we’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure that there’s something to suit every tester – we want you to leave enlightened and inspired! Over 30 new & expert speakers will give a track talk on UI, agile, DevOps and lots more. We have invited many great speakers, including Jaroslaw Hryszko, Marina Bechaalani, and Martin Boesgaard, to name a few.


Lightning Strikes

The concept of Lightning Strikes is to challenge speakers to give an engaging talk in just 4 minutes! Five speakers each have 4 minutes and just two slides to give a complete presentation on their chosen topic. If they don’t finish on time, lightning will strike and they have to leave the stage immediately! Who will convey their points clearly and quickly? Who will be unceremoniously struck down? This year, we have added a second Lightening Strikes session on diversity (Thursday), where 5 speakers briefly share their thoughts on inclusion and diversity in testing.


Workshops last 1 hour 45 minutes, and are designed to stimulate your logical and critical thinking, as well as spark creativity. It’s an energetic, hands-on way for you to learn new skills and get valuable testing practice. Workshops this year include planning and testing releases, puzzle solving and storytelling for testers

What Else is Going On at EuroSTAR?

On top of our amazing speaker sessions, we also run interactive sessions. These help you find solutions to your testing problems, make new friends, and get hands-on testing experience!

Test Lab

First, it’s Test Lab: run by testers for testers, it’s your opportunity to gain hands-on testing experience on ideas you’ve heard about at the conference. It’s also a chance to learn something new outside of the conventional conference talks and your everyday working environment. Test Lab is for everybody, no matter your level or experience. Join fellow testers and QA professionals in completing practical challenges, exercises and games. A perfect way to improve your testing in an open, friendly atmosphere.

Test Clinic

The Test Clinic helps you solve your software testing problems, with the help of our onsite test experts. Our ‘Test Doctors’ are industry experts with years of testing experience and knowledge. They’re on hand to offer coaching and guidance on ideas and solutions. Every year the Test Doctors strive to solve 100% of problems, and won’t send you home until you have a solution to implement on your return! Is there something slowing your team down? Do you have an  idea that could help others improve? Bring it to the Test Clinic!


Everything we do at EuroSTAR is to help testers achieve their full potential and grow as a community. A huge part of this is Huddle, where experts share their knowledge with the testing community. Huddle is completely FREE to join, and you gain full access to resources across all the latest topics in software testing and quality assurance. It’s all free of charge! Huddle comes to EuroSTAR in the form of soapbox sessions, speaker couch sessions, games, giveaways and lots more. It’s also an ideal place to go if you’re a first time attendee.

Now you know everything about the different EuroSTAR Conference Sessions! There’s only one thing left to do… book your ticket!


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