EuroSTAR Tutorial: How Do We Test This? Practical Risk Analysis and Test Strategy Skills

Trainers: Huib Shoots & Martijn Langhorst


Are you concerned that your testing is not oriented toward finding the problems that really matter? Do you skip thinking about risks and test strategy because your sprints are too short? Then this tutorial is made for you!

We all know that risk is a central theme in software development and still we struggle to use risk ideas effectively in our work. Risk-based testing means organizing your test strategy around suspected risks. Considering risks helps us to devise a workable strategy. This tutorial is designed to help you to sharpen your strategic thinking skills. We will work in groups using powerful heuristics. We will also work on evaluating context, risk analysis and modelling products. Equipped with these tools, you and your group will do risk analysis and create test strategies on real software. You’ll learn to think critically about the presented analyses and strategies. Collectively we’ll improve our risk analysis and test strategy skills.

This is going to be fast-paced and a lot of fun. Don’t worry if you think you’ve never created a risk analysis or test strategy before. We’ll start nice and easy and we’ll increase the complexity and shorten the timescales.

Date: 13th May 2021

Hours: 7.5 incl breaks

Class: Small Classes

Level: Intermediate

Focus: Test Strategy

Price: €365

✔️  Unlimited Access

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Test Strategy

Risk Analysis

Team Agility

Thinking Skills


Huib SchootsHuib Schoots – Agile Test Expert, Trainer and Consultant, De Agile Trainers, Netherlands

My personal mission is shaping better people and software quality by connecting, innovating, facilitating, coaching, enabling and teaching. I’m fascinated by mindset, thinking, behaviour and collaboration. I’m active in many communities. Some keywords about me: humanist, open, direct, creative, idea generator, result driven, humor, problem solver, curious, confronting, critical thinker, passionate and energetic, lifelong learner, entrepreneurial, analytic and continuous (world) improver. I like hanging out with friends, play trombone in a brass band, board & computer game, LEGO, photography, running, beer brewing, magic tricks, travelling and reading. I work as an operational director & quality coach @ and an agile test expert, trainer and consultant @ You can get in touch via LinkedIn or via Twitter @huibschoots



MartijnMartijn Langhorst – Agile Tester and Consultant, De Agile Trainers, Netherlands

Martijn is a quality fanatic, always pushing for the best result. He has been part of multiple successful agile transitions and is a real team player. He loves working especially in agile teams with like-minded people to lead by example. Show the rest of the world that what you believe in is the right way to go (and sometimes change your mind and adjust as agile as possible). With this, the harder you push, the more resistance you will encounter but in the end it is all worth it. With his many years of experience in testing and leading he knows that you will have to be proud of yourself as a tester, we are a special breed, we are the underdogs and need to prove our value every time but the fun thing is, we can! You can contact Martijn on LinkedIn or via Twitter @undertonerev


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