Community Strikes the SoapBox

We’ve got the stage – You’ve got the voice – Be heard at EuroSTAR Online!

Do you want to make a difference? We have an opportunity for you! This is your chance to be a change maker, at EuroSTAR Online. Share your voice, your story, with the testing community: this November, with the Community Strikes the Soapbox.

Like every EuroSTAR conference, the SoapBox is your chance to share a new insight on testing or talk about an issue you are passionate about. But this is not your normal SoapBox. This time you will be speaking on the main stage, sharing your voice with the global testing community! How awesome is that?!


  1. Register and we will send you tips on how to to record a great talk and we will send you the link to upload your video.
  2. Record a 2-minute video on a topic of your choice. This may be something you learnt recently, something you’re passionate about, a new testing concept you have to share with others, and so on.
  3. Submit your video before Oct. 31st
  4. The best talks will be chosen and played at EuroSTAR Online, on the main stage! You will be contacted by email.


It’s that simple! This is a fantastic opportunity and an easy way to share your knowledge or passion with the global testing community. This is suitable for all speaking experience levels, so all the entire community is welcome to submit a video.

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say, fill in the form and register today.

The Video Requirements:

  1. The video must be recorded in landscape, high resolution through Zoom, video camera or your phone
  2. No copyright music
  3. 2 minutes in length
Andrew Brown SoapBox at EuroSTAR
Community Strikes SoapBox at EuroSTAR
Huib Schoots SoapBox at EuroSTAR